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The difference between Can-Am makes and models

Posted By: Greenville Motor Sports
Post Date: 10/27/2021


Can-Am is a big name in the industry with an extensive line-up of off-road and adventure vehicles. Can-Am manufactures various models for rock crawling to hauling goods and everything in between. And there are powerful engine options available to scratch your adventure itch.

Not sure which one is suitable for you? Read this brief guide to understand the difference between Can-Am models, their capabilities and their applications in the real world. Based on this guide, you can make an informed buying decision.

Can-Am manufactures two types of vehicles: ATVs and Side-by-Sides.


Designed for adventures, an ATV is a perfect ride for your off-road and hunting escapades. Available with and without pillion seats, an ATV is essentially a dirt bike on four wheels, plus more power and suspension travel to tackle any task or terrain. 

Some of the best ATVs manufactured by Can-Am are:


The Outlander series is powered by the Rotax V-Twin engine which is mated to a CVT transmission that keeps you in the optimum power and torque band. The Visco-4Lok differential lock offers a better grip on all fours with unparalleled maneuvering ability. It’s a performance machine on off-road tracks and doubles as a workhorse at ranches and hunting grounds.

You also get 6x6 options as well as various 4x4 models across a wide power and price spectrum.


Agile, aggressive, and performance-oriented, the Renegade line-up is designed for racers and adventurers who want to experience the adrenaline of riding at its peak. It comes with a segment-leading 91 bhp snorkeled engine that packs enough power to tackle tricky terrains and mud holes. It also comes with adjustable FOX 1.5 PODIUM shocks that are calibrated to keep you planted at high and low speeds. Some of the popular models from the Renegade family are X XC, X MR 650, and X  MR 1000. 


Built for younger riders and learners, the DS lineup offers various models that are built to the same durability and safety standards as ATVs in the higher segments. Keeping safety in mind, it comes with built-in speed limiter options and responsive handling that inspires confidence at every twist and bend.

The DS series comes with an automatic transmission system to let your little ones focus more on the trail ahead while the CVT works the gear shifting for them. Some of the popular models that you can consider in this segment are DS 70, DS 90, DS 90x, and DS 250.


Designed to perform and last longer, Side-by-Sides can be used as adventure or utility vehicles. These vehicles can seat two people side by side, hence the name. 

Whether you want industry-leading performance to outrun your racing contenders or need sufficient cargo space and power to get the work done, there’s a Can-Am Side-by-Side for every rider.

Some of the popular Side-by-Side lineups by Can-Am are:


Built for the daily grind, people love Defender for its class-leading performance on all kinds of terrains. Whether you want to go hunting, run errands at worksites, or need a workhorse for your agribusiness, a Defender should be your vehicle of choice. And when you are not working, you can take it to the trails for some off-road adventures. 


Do you want a fun-to-drive vehicle with exceptional towing capabilities? With more aggressive styling and utilitarian features, the Commander lineup makes it all happen. With a refined engine, performance shocks, and responsive handling, this off-road Side-by-Side offers commanding presence and stance regardless of the terrain. 


Maverick is an award-winning Side-by-Side that held the coveted position 3 years in a row. It is available in three variants: X3, Sport, and Trail. Designed for all-weather conditions, Maverick is an adventurer’s delight on all kinds of terrain. Want to take on unfamiliar terrain? The Maverick lineup offers the most comfortable way to explore the unseen.


Can-Am is one of the leading manufacturers of off-road vehicles across the world. If you are planning to buy one of these models, get in touch with Greenville Motorsports for a test drive. We also provide finance facilities to help you spread the cost.


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