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Getting Your ATV Ready for Another Season of Riding

Posted By: Greenville Motor Sports
Post Date: 02/21/2021

ATVs are cool. ATVs are badass. ATVs are thrill-packed machines that drive the rider’s heart, head and soul.

But just like any other machine, ATVs can’t remain brand-new forever.

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your ATV fit and ready for your next riding session, and as you think of ways to do that optimally, this article will help you.

Here are five quick tips for getting your ATV ready for the upcoming riding season.

1. Deep Clean

Dust is one of the worst enemies of all engines..

Yes, we know, ATVs are designed for dirty terrains, but it’s detrimental to allow the dust to settle on and around its engine's components.

If your ATV has been sitting in your garage for quite some time, it'd be best to clean it up before you fire it up..

Also, this isn't' just about cleaning your ATV's frame and fairing. For optimum performance, you should also maintain and clean up your ATV's oil filter and air filter.

2. Check and Change Engine Oil

Engine oil is the lifeblood of  ATV. If the engine oil in your ATV hasn’t been replaced for a long time, you should consider checking and changing it immediately.

Here are the top functions that engine oil performs:

  • Lubrication and friction reduction
  • Sealing
  • Maintaining engine cleanliness
  • Protection of the engine and its moving components

For checking and/or changing the engine oil on your ATV, you can refer to the video below.

3. Start Off Mild

Yes, ATVs are aggressive (“all”) terrain vehicles that are known for their power and thrill, but like any other machine, they also need to be handled with care; at least at the start.

It wouldn’t be wise to run down an excessively difficult track on day 1 of the new riding season.

Instead, you can prep-up your vehicle by riding it on easier tracks at the start of the season. Stressing your engine too much can irreversibly impact its health — especially when the ATV is brand new.

4. Tighten the Bolts

Even though most ATVs don’t suffer extreme vibrations, you may have to tighten their bolts from time-to-time.

This is important to ensure that your ATV is safe and you are able to have a comfortable and carefree track experience, without worrying about a lost component.

5. Check Tire and Brake Health

As an all-terrain vehicle, your ATV will perform in muddy conditions, on wet and slippery tracks. If the tires on your ATV aren’t in good condition, you may have a tough time controlling and stopping the vehicle.

Consequences? A direct threat to yours and your ATV’s safety.

So, before you call your ATV ready for another riding season, make sure its tires are in good condition, and its brakes are in a perfect tune to perform on muddy tracks.

Also, don’t forget to maintain optimal tire pressure. While riding with low tire pressure may give you more traction, it can deplete the tread and form cracks on the sidewalls.  

Wrapping Up

Maintaining your ATV in perfect condition is important if you want to enjoy every riding season. Whether you are an experienced ATV rider or someone just starting out, professional help can often save the day. So, don’t hesitate to call in a professional when things seem to spiral out of control.


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