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Fun Facts about the Polaris line of Power Sport Vehicles

Posted By: Greenville Motor Sports
Post Date: 06/16/2021

Polaris Industries began its journey as a snowmobile manufacturer. However, the manufacturer later forayed into the off-road automotive industry and gave us the most capable off-roaders ever.

Here are some fun facts about this Power sports vehicle manufacturer that you probably didn’t know. 

The Company Originated in 1954 in Roseau, Minnesota

Polaris was founded by David Johnson, Edgar Hetteen, and Edgar's brother Allan, who initially manufactured farm equipment.

Two years after its inception, the Company manufactured the first forerunner of modern snowmobiles, which got sold to the owner of a Roseau lumberyard. Polaris produced five sleds in the initial year, 75 in the next year, and 300 the following year. It is now one of the world's biggest manufacturers of snowmobiles.

Arctic Cat (Polaris' Competitor) Was Founded By One Of The Original Partners

Following an unfriendly tour across Alaska in 1960, Ed Heteen abandoned Polaris to start Arctic Enterprises, becoming one of Polaris' biggest competitors, the Arctic Cat. 

Polaris was Acquired by Textron in 1968

At the rise of the snowmobile trend in the 1960s, Textron (a diversified auto producer) bought the company. It merged it with the E-Z Go golf cart industry it had acquired earlier. (Interestingly, Arctic Cat was bought by Textron in March of 2017).

1992: Polaris Came Up with the First-ever Personal Watercraft

Polaris led the revolution to the marine business when it entered the market with its Genesis personal watercraft vehicle. It was the first to seat up to four people. It left the market after twelve years.

The Company's Sales Surpassed $1 billion in 1995

Polaris' revenue surpassed the $1 billion mark in 1995, marking the Company's seventh straight year of record growth. While it couldn't reach another billion-dollar milestone until 2011, it reached a staggering $3 billion figure in 2012.

Victory Motorcycles Were Also Introduced in 1998

Witnessing Harley-meteoric Davidson's expansion in motorcycle sales, which set new records for sales and profits, Polaris Industries attempted to steal a little bit of that thunder with the launch of the Victory, a new American-made motorcycle. Sales would indeed be commendable but never unprecedented.

Entering The Military Gateways

Polaris signed its first military contract with an allied troops military in 2013 when Germany chose to manufacture its MV850 ultra-light strategic cars for its army.

In 2011, It bought Indian Motorcycle out of Bankruptcy

Indian Motorcycle, the earliest known American-made motorcycle manufacturer, had entered the market a few years before Harley-Davidson in 1901. However, Indian went bankrupt numerous times during its extended journey.

In 2014, It introduced the First New Indian Motorcycle

Returning to Indian's steampunk aesthetic, Polaris resurrected the brand with three new models: the Indian Chief Classic, the Indian Chief, and the Indian Chief Vintage.

Final Word

Polaris Industries is the largest manufacturer of power sports vehicles, including motorcycles and dirt bikes. The Company has a notable presence in the global market, with world-class manufacturing facilities that produce a growing range of award-winning machines. 

The Company now designs, engineers, manufactures and sells off-road recreational vehicles (ORV). Polaris Industries operates from manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Indiana, Alabama, and Arkansas.

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