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An Introduction To CFMoto's Line Of ATVs

Posted By: Greenville Motor Sports
Post Date: 03/31/2021

What started as two brothers selling motorcycle kickstands, CFMoto grew into a Powersports powerhouse in the span of three decades. In addition to supplying a wide range of products to other manufacturers, CFMoto has also established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles and ATVs. 

Rather than just supplying products offered by other manufacturers, CFMoto is well-known for constantly bringing innovation to the industry. In 2007, CFMoto's USA Headquarters were built in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Are you wondering what all CFMoto has to offer when it comes to ATVs for recreation or utility? Here is a brief introduction to CFMoto’s lineup of ATVs. Take a look. 


CFORCE 400 & CFORCE 500 feature liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engines, fed by a Bosch EFI system. Other specifications include hydraulic disc brakes, CVTech Automatic transmission with P/R/N/H/L, and high-intensity LED lights. 

Since CFORCE 500 has certain superior features, especially in terms of styling, it is slightly more expensive than CFORCE 400. That being said, both models have quite similar features and specifications. 

CFORCE 600 & 600 Touring

Again, CFORCE 600 & 600 Touring are nearly identical. What sets 600 Touring apart is that it features a passenger’s seat, which makes it 8 inches longer. These models boast 580cc engines with Bosch EFI, CVTech transmission, disc brakes, independent front & rear suspension, electronic power steering, and adjustable shocks. Featuring a 3000 lb. and 2” hitch receiver, this ATV is ideal for hauling heavy objects or getting out a vehicle that’s stuck.


If you want to conquer the roughest of terrains, CFORCE 800 XC will make it a smooth experience. Designed for aggressive riding, CFORCE 800 XC features a 65hp, 800cc V-Twin engine fed by a Delphi EFI system and trailing arm suspension. The model is also equipped with an electronic power steering, a 3000 lb., and a 2” hitch receiver.


CFORCE 1000 OVERLAND is the biggest (and newest) ATV manufactured by CFMoto. This model features a 70hp, 963cc V-twin engine. The accessories are what makes CFORCE 1000 OVERLAND stand out from other similar vehicles on the market.

This is not an exhaustive list of ATVs and UTVs supplied by the company. What makes ATVs manufactured by CFMoto stand apart? Check out some unique accessories that can make your riding experience comfortable and convenient. 

Thumb Control with 4WD Differential Lock

Do you love riding through challenging terrains? CFMoto’s state-of-art thumb control with 4WD Differential Lock allows you to have better control of the ATV. The instant access to the differential lock gives your vehicle better traction on rough trails. 

Digital Dashboard

The dashboard is an important but often underrated feature of any vehicle. A well-designed and easy-to-read dashboard is necessary to ensure your safety as well as prevent your vehicle from internal damage. CFMoto’s Multi-Functional Digital Dashboard gives you access to the odometer, fuel gauge, and other essential gauges. 

CVTech Drive Clutches

Whether you use your ATV on a regular basis for work or play, CFMoto’s CVTech Drive Clutches can help you a great deal. This lightweight clutch improves how your vehicle rides by enabling tight grips at lower RPMs.

Heavy-Duty Racks

Apart from recreational purposes, ATVs are popularly used for transporting materials. If you are using your ATV for such purposes, Heavy-Duty Steel Storage Racks manufactured by CFMoto are certainly worth the investment. These work well in diverse terrains and all kinds of weather. 

Hitch Receiver 

Do you use your ATV for farm work? CFMoto’s 2” Hitch Receiver is ideal for pulling trailers and other equipment. It also comes with a power socket for connecting lights. 

If you are looking to buy an ATV, CFMoto ATVs should definitely be on the top of your list.


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